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There seems to be a lack of knowledge prevalent among people today about good techniques for DIY packing, moving, storing and trucking of household goods. Probably, the majority of the people who will be doing do-it-yourself moving don't really see much of a need for mover training because they consider the moving task to be a simple, no-brainer, muscle-mutt kind of thing. But if they were to observe well trained professional movers efficiently and quickly accomplishing a move or if they were to have a painful injury or a costly damage during their DIY move, they might take a different view of the matter.

So, in order to expedite their moving effort and also to avoid the grief of expensive personal injuries and / or costly furniture damages, everyone who does self moving could certainly benefit from some solid moving instruction about how to properly relocate their furniture and household goods. Knowledge of and implementation of good DIY moving methods would also help people to save money, which is the main motivation behind self moving, isn’t it?

When one searches around, there are only 3 or 4 books to be found anywhere on the subject of household goods packing and moving. The problem with each of these books about moving is that they’ve been written either by someone who has frequently used professional movers or by someone who has moved themself untrained.

So, in either case, not being professional movers, these authors are not experienced movers nor are they qualified to teach DIY moving techniques - and they don’t! Their books only inform people about what-to-do when relocating a residence. They don’t teach how-to-do the important things that should be done during DIY moving such as padding a dresser (as shown here) in order to make their moving task easier and safer; thus preventing personal injuries and / or costly furniture damages (during moving, this snugly taped padding holds the dresser's drawers in place so that the movers don't hurt themselves scrambling to grab for an about-to-fall-out drawer and the padding also prevents scratches).

Another source for this kind of information would be the big name national moving van line companies. They all have internal training texts and videos for their employees which teach their people good moving technique. Unfortunately, these companies have absolutely no motivation to make their teachings available to the general public because they want to be doing everyone's moving themselves, on a for-hire basis. So, for them to make their intellectual property available for DIY moving would appear to cut their own throats in the moving business, wouldn't it? Not at all!

We here at Burrows Moving Company in Chicago see things differently. Our organization is relatively small, consisting of only 30 - 35 movers which is all that we wish to ever field because with more movers than that, we would not be able to provide the really good moving services that we now provide. Since we only do top quality moving and storage, our market is primarily to Chicagoland people in their mid 30's or older who can afford to pay the rates of a good professional mover. These folks don't want to nor need to exert themselves doing their own household goods moving.

We believe that most people under that age can't yet afford the cost of professional movers so they have to save money by moving themselves. These folks are not a good market for our moving and storage services. Also, the vast majority of these folks would not be moving in the greater Chicagoland area anyways, since they are located world-wide. So their use of this information does not compete with our local moving and storage services at all. Consequently, for us to sell a huge international audience subscriptions to this information just gives us additional income from a market that we don't have anyways. Whatever the locals use of this information might compete a little bit with our Chicago business, but we believe that will be made up for with subscriptions.

So, since we do not intend to expand our moving services beyond the Chicagoland area, we want anyone, anywhere else in the world, even other professional movers, to subscribe. We don't see that adversely affecting us in any way. In fact, if more local professionals would use these good relocation techniques on their moves, perhaps our industry might achieve a better reputation than the poor one that it seems to be prevalent in people's minds today.

This vast audience of younger people can now learn how to do all of their moving the easy way, utilizing learntomove.com's instruction. On the other hand many of them will just learn it the hard way by relocating themselves untrained. Unfortunately, as things stand, some of these untrained people will actually learn moving the extremely hard way - by incurring grievous and expensive personal injuries and / or costly damages to their goods and property. These unfortunates won't end up saving any money at all by doing their own moving because of these kinds of unexpected extra expenses. Instead they will wish to God that they had just hired professional movers and spared themselves a whole lot of costly bother.

When we first approached the task of constructing this website we found that it was quite daunting. That's when the old axion - A journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step - took hold. We had to gradually gather up all of our inherent knowledge from all of our years of experience regarding all of these many, many moving topics. Once garnered we then had to figure out how to sort it all out into some logical order. So, we just took one subject at a time and wrote text on it and then put it together with pertinent pictures which we took at some of our jobs. We then archived it for a few years until we had compiled and sorted an adequate amount of information to create and publish this comprehensive website on all of these subjects.

Eventually our efforts produced all of the information highlighted in our left sidebar menu which can be used to guide people thru the entire moving process. It will take them in a logical manner thru the many, many, many pages of relocation information on this site. We have striven to make learntomove.com as navigable as possible so that each person may focus only on learning the particulars of their unique moving situation.

The left menu bar is under password protection to protect our proprietary information so it can be accessed free but only used if you have taken out a subscription.


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We have designed the left menu and the top menu and all of the sub-pages and the links within those pages to help people to easily finding their way around learntomove.com. But if you should get lost just go back to the home page and start over. You can also set the Google Search bar provided on each page to search the site for various specific information.

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By the way, we also initiated a Wikibook on these subjects in April 2006 culled from most of the information found on all of the free samples linked at the top of this page. We feel that considering Wikipedia's huge world-wide audience, it is worthwhile as a community service to make our free information also available there. Of course we did not publish any of our proprietary information in the wikibook so you won't find that information there, only here as a member. However, over time, additional contributions from other folks may provide you with additional free moving information there.

Good luck to you on your move and afterwards perhaps you will send us an e-mail about how learntomove.com affected you.
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