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the Encyclopedia of Moving


This is website is a comprehensive movers guide designed to teach people all over the world just
how-to-pack, how-to-move, how-to-store and how-to-truck furniture when they are DIY moving household goods.



LEARNTOMOVE.COM is an invaluable resource if you are...

  • ...DIY packing your household goods for DIY relocating and / or self storage.
  • ...Self packing your household goods to be moved or stored by a professional mover locally or long distance.
  • ...Self moving your furniture and household goods locally or long distance.
  • ...Utilizing a trucking or pod service to relocate your household goods long distance.
  • ...Packing goods for shipment by common carriers such as UPS, FedEX, the Post Office, etc.

will also help you to become savvy enough
so that should you be hiring a professional mover
you will become able to avoid unreputables and scammers.




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