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I understand that moving furniture and / or moving a piano is an inherently dangerous activity. I agree to hold learntomove.com and Burrows Moving Company; it's employees and officers harmless for any harm to any person (including third parties) while I am attempting to move furniture and / or move a piano using their moving instruction and moving advice.

I have inspected all moving equipment purchased from learntomove.com and have found no obvious defect with the equipment.

I have chosen to move furniture and / or move a piano myself and to not hire a moving company to do it for me.

I have had an opportunity to call in to learntomove.com and ask any questions I have about moving furniture and / or moving a piano and those questions have been answered.

I understand that by using learntomove.com I am accessing information about moving technique that has been used by experienced movers in the past. This is not to be construed as meaning that these moving techniques will work for all moving requirements. Moving some types of articles (such as moving large furniture and moving pianos) is inherently dangerous and should be done by trained professionals. Because of the different designs of furniture and pianos, the techniques used to move these articles will vary from item to item.

I hereby waive all liability for any damage, loss, or injury to any property or person or for any type of loss or injury caused by using the moving techniques shown on LearnToMove.com. This waiver shall apply to heirs, assigns, and survivors.

Should any part of this waiver be invalid, the remainder of the waiver shall remain in full force and effect.

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