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Household Goods

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Disposal of Furniture


Disposing of furniture that is unwanted and/or disposing of household goods may be accomplished in a number of ways. First, try to sell or give disposables to relatives or friends or the new occupant of your residence or anyone else whom you hear of who might need or want to buy disposable furniture. Next, try a garage sale or a booth at a flea market or call a junk yard. You'd be surprised at all of the disposable household goods that can be sold through these outlets.

Then try to auction things on Ebay or list them on Craig's List or give them away thru Free Cycle on the internet. Charitable organizations such as Goodwillor The Salvation Army or a local mission or church organization may take some disposable household items and give you a tax deductible charitable donation receipt.

If you still have furnishings for other household items for disposal after all of those avenues have been exhausted call your local city/town/village/county government office and ask if the garbage service will pick them up at your residence or if there's a community dump to which you can bring them.

Sometimes the people moving you will take unwanted furniture also.

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