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Just the overall subject of DIY packing, DIY moving, DIY storing and DIY trucking household goods is extremely immense. When delving into these topics it becomes apparent that there is a huge variety of furniture and household goods that need to be packed and moved when relocating a home, each with great ranges of value. Therefore there are many different FAQ regarding moving them that come to us. These are inquiries requesting to learn just how to safely and economically relocate each of them.

Besides the normal questions about DIY moving household goods and various standard pieces of furniture like dressers and sofas there are also inquiries about relocating valuable delicates like antiques, pianos, fine furnishings, dining room suites, bedroom suites, artwork, dishes, china, glasses, crystal, statuary, vases, pictures, etc. Each of these things requires their own special packing, wrapping, moving and trucking techniques in order to avoid damages during the relocation process.

So, before do-it-yourself moving any of your possessions, bear in mind that each item needs to be uniquely protected. This is done by properly packing boxables and by fully and snugly wrapping furniture pieces in moving blankets. Some things may need to be disassembled and reassembled and others may need to be crated in order to be moved successfully. When each item is properly prepared for moving it can then be carefully carried, lifted, dollied and trucked to the new residence with little chance of damages. There of course, each item would need to be carefully unloaded and unpacked or unwrapped and safely put away.

Added to all of these considerations there are also a great variety of floor surfaces, wall surfaces, ceilings, chandeliers, windows, doorways, stairways, and / or elevator surfaces to be properly protected during the home relocation process. Damages to surfaces can be quite costly to repair.

In an effort to help you to find the answers to your questions about any of these many topics of interest that may pertain to your particular moving situation, we have below listed a number of the most used keyword phrase inquiries to learntomove.com. In effect they are really the moving FAQ we most encounter so we just linked them to the free page on the learntomove.com website that will discuss them.

Planning and Organizing a Move

Preparation for Moving

Packing Household Goods

Moving Furniture and Household Goods

Moving Appliances

  • moving washing machine
  • "moving a washer"
  • how to move refrigerators
  • moving big screen tvs
  • how to move a big screen tv

Piano Moving

Moving with Kids, the Elderly and Pets

Moving Problems

Trucking your Move


  • storage tips
  • storage hints
  • hints for storing household goods



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