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China Cabinet

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Techniques for Moving China Cabinets

How-to move China cabinets


Knowledge about precisely how-to-move a china cabinet is very important. Good china cabinet moving technique starts with its proper preparation and full padding. Once it is fully padded we can then show you all the rest that you need to know about how-to move a china cabinet.

When moving a china cabinet with glass doors such as the one picture below,
care must be taken to protect the glass just as well as the finish.
Some china cabinets are 2 piece having an upper and a lower half which makes
moving them easier to move than when they're all in one piece.
The china cabinet pictured below is a one piece unit.

A China Cabinet

When relocating a china cabinet, take the glass and / or wooden shelves out and pad them in a bundle seperately
and put them inside one of the drawers to keep them with the china cabinet during transport.

padded shelves inside a china cabinet

There is a neat little china cabinet moving tip that applies to this particular unit
which has protruding door pulls.

Unscrew, reverse and rescrew them into the inside of door, making the door flush in front
when it is shut. This prevents them from being snapped off during moving.

Some china cabinets have drawers and lower doors with shelving inside like this one
(in the picture below the shelves have already been removed).

 on a china cabinet

Now we drape a pad evenly over the top of the china cabinet and square it off on the sides
and tape it in place as shown in the 2 pictures below.

A china cabinet, with the top paddedIA china cabinet, padded and taped

Next, we hang a pad over the center of the china cabinet and tape it firmly into place leaving padding excess
at the bottom to put over the legs later. This is all shown in the 3 pictures below.

Taping a pad across the center of a china cabinetITaping a pad across the center of a china cabinetITaping a pad across the center of a china cabinet

Notice that we only covered the front and 2 sides of the china cabinet with the pad because the back
does not have a finish that needs protection. But if you want to you can hang a pad in back
in the same way as was done in front in order to also protect it .

The back side of a padded china cabinet

To pad the legs of this china cabinet by himself, the mover leaned the piece
on its balance point so that it stood by itself against the wall.

balancing a china cabinet against the wall

Then alone, he was able to tape seal the pads over the legs
with it still leaning against the wall on its balance point.

Taping a pad around the bottom of a china cabinet

After doing both sides he then cardboarded over the glass on its front and sides.

Cardboard protects the fragile glass doors of a china cabinet

This cardboarded and well padded china cabinet is now ready to be moved.
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