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Moving Techniques for Desks / Secretaries

How-to-Move Desks


Knowledge about just how-to move desks is very important. Good desk moving technique starts with proper preparation and full desk padding. Once you have a padded desk we can then show you everything you need to know about how-to-move a desk.

When moving desks or moving secretaries the first thing that must be done is to remove and pack up all of its contents into boxes. If left in the desk these things will fly all over the place when moving a desk up / down stairs. If it's a desk with a return it must be disassembled and the hardware should be securely taped inside of one of its drawers. Then completely pad the desk and its return using tape to secure the pads tightly to each piece. Be sure to not allow the tape to touch the finish of the desk or its return so that there will be no tape residue damage.

The following picture sequence shows the how to completely pad a desk.

A typical desk

2 pads are draped evenly over the top and sides of the desk with some excess padding on the bottom
to cover the legs later.

a desk with two pads over the top

Notice that the padding does not fully cover the back of the desk because it won't be needed. You could also pad this desk up from the bottom if you wanted in order to fully protect it all around and its bottom. That wasn't necessary for this particular desk.

a desk with two pads over the top

Now you fold each side squarely as shown in the 3 pictures below.

Folding the pads around the desk

Tucking in the corners

Tape each one as it gets folded.

Taping the pad around the corners of the desk

Next, snugly tape all around the top edge a couple of times to secure the pads.

Taping the top edges of the desk

Then tape all around the desk to the middle a few times as shown in the 2 pictures below.

Taping the pad around the corners of the desk

Next, buck and lift the desk onto its side as shown in the 4 pictures below.

Now wrap the excess padding around the desk's leg as shown in the 3 pictures below.

You can flip the desk over or just tip it a little farther to wrap the other leg in the same manner.

The last step is to tape seal the two pads so they wont slip apart during moving as shown in the 2 pictures below..

This desk is well padded and ready for transport.


How to Move a Desk (Roll-Top)

If you're moving a roll-top desk - they normally come apart into 2 pieces. So first remove the roll top section and fully pad it separately. Use bunched up newspaper packed tightly into a plastic bag and place it inside of the roll top to brace its slats so that they don't shift around and the slats won't come loose during moving. Move the desk portion of the roll top desk, as has been shown above.

If you have a desk with a broken leg, pad the top of the desk then secure the leg
in some fashion to the desk as shown in the picture below or save it somewhere.
Don't pad over the broken portion so that anyone handling the desk will know
where the broken leg is and will not damage it further.

A roll-top desk

Move a damaged desk upside down so that no strain is put upon the broken leg or the weakened area missing a leg.

How to Move Desks

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