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Knowledge about just how-to-move tables is very important.
Good table moving technique starts with proper preparation and fully padding a table.
Once it is padded and ready we can then show you how-to- move a table correctly.

Wrapping & Moving Large Tables

Tables come in many shapes and sizes and are made of many materials.


Yet they are basically all handled in the same manner. If they'll fit thru every doorway at each residence and throughout their move path, then their legs need not be removed. Remember when measuring for this, that most tables can be angled on their side thru doorways in order to fit the legs through. Tables that will fit thru doorways can just be padded on top and around each leg and moved as is. Some tables only need their top padded.

But if the legs or the table's pedestal are easy to remove you might want to take them off just to make the table more compact for carrying / dollying and for the load on the truck. Tables that won't fit thru the doorways must have their legs removed before the table is fully padded. Do not lose any of the legs or their hardware because they may be impossible to replace. Be careful when using a drill to unscrew the legs to not wind the screws the wrong way and push them up thru the table's top!

Some tables only need the top padded and some will need the legs padded as well.
When padding a table top lay a big pad (or 2 smaller pads) on it,
draping the excess padding over the side as shown below.

Then wrap tape over the pads and around and under the table (avoiding the legs)
and back over the top again in one continuous stream.
Do this twice to secure the pads, as shown in the pictures below.

Then you can flip the table upside down without scratching its top to take off its legs.
To do so follow the 4 picture sequence below.

When the table legs have been removed be sure to reattach the hardware
to each one of them as shown in the above right picture.
Then pad the legs up individually into one bundle together as shown in the 4 pictures below.

Next, finish by fully padding the table top as shown in the 4 picture sequence below.

If it's a round table like the one pictured above, don't be lazy and roll it on the ground.
Carry it! Rolling it can put dents into its edge.

When the table is placed on the truck, if its legs are off, place another pad on the floor of the truck underneath it, stand it on end and tie it off against the wall. It can also be put between two mattresses, standing the edge on top of a pad. If it still has its legs on, it can also be tied off on its side to the wall with its edge on top of a pad but other things will have to be carefully placed all around it so as not to break the legs as the truck bounces along. It can also be stood up on its legs on a pad and boxes can be placed under it. If you leave the legs on be sure they are sturdy to it and put more pads on its top if you're going to stack things on it during the truck transport. You can also put a lighter table with its legs still on - right side up. on its edge or upside down up on top of the load.

Any way you do it, take great care to not gouge or scratch a table's top surface or edges.


Small Tables

Below are pictures of a well wrapped small antique table with its legs left on.

small padded table

Notice that even the bottom of this table (under the legs) is padded.

The following picture shows how-to move a table if it's small. It's carried up on one shoulder
so that when the mover wearies of carrying it on that side he can just flip it over to the other shoulder.
But at all times he can see where he's going and he can easily adjust the table up or down
on his shoulders when going thru doorways or up / down stairs.

Notice in the picture below, that when a table is padded fully
it can be set down in any way necessary and it won't get edge damages.

Without fully padding the table, in order to set it down, the mover would have to use extra effort
to set it only onto it's feet. Little things like this make life easier for the mover.

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