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Knowledge of DIY armoire moving technique is very important in order to relocate these large, heavy furniture pieces without personal injury or damages. The best way of moving armoires starts with proper preparation and full padding. Once it has been fully and snugly padded you will be ready to learn how-to move an armoire.

The first of our DIY armoire moving tips is to take out all of its shelving before moving it and bundle wrap them all together into a blanket. Then tape the blanketed bundle without touching any of the shelve's finish. Don't get tape residue onto the finish of the shelves, because it is very hard to remove. Place this shelving bundle on the truck separate from the unit

The best way to move an armoire includes checking the doors (if any) to see if it's easy to remove them. If so, do so and blanket wrap them in the same manner as the shelves. If you think the doors are best left attached during the move, reverse any protruding door handles or knobs so that they extend into the inside of the piece in order to protect them. Then fully pad the armoire top and bottom (as shown in the picture sequence below) securing the pads tightly to the unit with tape. Proper adding is a most important DIY armoire moving techniques because it is the best way to protect the armoire from scratches while also holding the doors shut during moving.

Notice in the picture below left that this big armoire is placed on the bottom pad so that the majority of the pad will lift up to cover the front as shown in the picture below right. It will not cover the back which will not be fully padded because any scratches occuring there won't matter. But if you want to fully pad the front and the back of your armoire then center the piece on a pad or two so that it(they) lift(s) up evenly front and back.

As the tape is beginning to be applied to hold the pad up, notice that it is squeezed into a line by the mover so that no residue can get onto the finish
on the armoire's as yet unpadded side. Then the very bottom is carefully taped all around it as shown in the picture below on the right.

Next, as shown in the 2 pictures below, the top is padded evenly all around the armoire and taped tightly just as the bottom was.

Then pads are wrapped all around the open middle of the front and the sides of the armoire and taped into place.

In the case of this very large heavy armoire, the back was left unpadded but by simply taping one more pad
over the open back area it would have been completely shrouded.

Finally, plenty of tape is tightly wrapped around all of the pads to secure them snugly to the piece.

Voila! A large heavy armoire is ready to be moved safely without any pad slippage to your new residence.


After fully padding a large wooden furniture piece you would then tape cardboard over the part of the pads that covers any glass on it (as has been done to the glass doored slender hi-boy in the picture below). This double protects the glass and shows each person handling the hi-boy exactly where the unseen glass is under the pads.

You can leave the drawers in the piece but make sure there are no trinkets or heavy items in them. At the most allow only a little bit of light clothing to stay in the drawers because a heavily loaded drawer can break the drawers glides within the unit as it is being moved or trucked. Leaving empty drawers in the hutch actually solidifies it while its being moved. Keeping the drawers in the hutch also makes all of it easier to store on the truck since the drawers won't have to be stacked loose somewhere else, taking up extra truck space.

If it's a very heavy armoire then remove the drawers to lighten it and carry them separately to and from the truck. But they will take up extra truck space if you don't place them back into the armoire while it's on the truck.

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