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Mission Statement - learntomove.com

Our objective is to teach people all over the world
everything they will need to know about how-to do
each aspect of their home relocation
so that their move will end up being safely and economically accomplished
(without injuries and / or damages
to their goods and / or to property).

When you subscribe to this website you will discover that it is a wonderfully complete source of packing, moving, storage and trucking information which will guide you thru each aspect of the difficult self moving process.



A comprehensive moving guide and
moving technique tutorial website
with many pertinent illustrative pictures.

This site has been constructed by
the professional movers at Chicago's top quality
household goods, piano and antiques mover....



This website is designed to teach you how to save time, money and aggravation
during every aspect of your DIY household goods moving and / or storage process.

Our free samples linked in the menu above will exemplify for you just how well we have achieved this goal.

The depth, thoroughness and comprehensiveness
of learntomove.com's moving instruction
and accompanying pertinent illustrative pictures
cannot be found anywhere else!

The few books to be found on the subject of home relocating have all been authored by laymen, not by professional, highly experienced movers so they don't teach you how-to-do all that needs to be done to economically and safely move your home. The same is true of any of the free articles on the internet about DIY packing and moving. Even articles which can be found on professional moving and storage company's websites are sparse and / or misleading and / or not very well thought out. Most of their articles are just designed as a draw to entice you to use their for-hire moving services.

Consequently, nowhere else will you find our comprehensiveness nor our depth of knowledge about each aspect of the packing, moving, trucking and storage task. And nowhere else will you find anything like our detailed DIY furniture moving instruction for each piece of furniture that you might have, all illustrated with many pertinent picture sequences.

One major example of the inadequacy of currently available moving information is that almost all of the books and internet articles on the subject of how-to-move furniture safely tell you to pad your individual furniture pieces to protect them during the moving process. But not one of them shows you exactly how-to pad furniture in the manner that we have done for a dresser in our slide presentation below.


Learntomove.com shows you exactly
how-to-do the tight, snug padding needed
to carry any kind of furniture piece you might have.

Our teachings use both text and
pertinent illustrative picture sequences
and slide presentations like the one above.


This very important task of tight furniture padding must be done correctly before any furniture piece is moved in order to fully protect it during the moving process. Any loosening of the furniture pads occuring as a piece is being moved becomes a real safety hazard for both it and the movers! Loose pads can result in an unexpectedly dropped furniture piece which could severely injure the movers and / or damage the furniture piece! And if you don't pad furniture pieces before moving them, you risk damaging them with scratches, scrapes or bruises that could have been avoided had they been padded properly.

Generally speaking, in any given household there are many different furniture pieces of greatly ranging value. Especially important are expensive antiques, pianos, fine furnishings, dining room suites, bedroom suites, artwork, statuary, vases, knick-knacks, fine dishes, china, special glassware, crystal, paintings, wallcoverings, etc. Each of these valuables will require their own unique packing, wrapping and moving technique in order to avoid being damaged during the relocation process.

Each item will need to be protected either by being properly packed in boxes and / or by being snugly blanket wrapped and then carefully lifted, carried and / or dollied and trucked to the new residence. Some things may need to be packed into a wooden crate in order to be moved safely and others may need to be disassembled, padded and then reassembled once in place at the new residence. Some very large, heavy items might even need to be hoisted!

Once at the destination these important valuables will need to be unloaded, unpacked, unwrapped and put away. This whole packing, moving, trucking and unpacking process needs to be accomplished without personal injuries and / or damages to the items nor to any of the floors, walls, ceilings, hallways, chandeliers, windows, doorways, stairways, and / or elevator surfaces traversed during the move.

When you take all of these things into account,
even if you utilize only a few of our many moving techniques,
you are certain to save a whole lot more than our mere $10 subscription fee!


So why vacillate? - just give in and Subscribe Now !



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