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Moving Safely
is the Ultimate Consideration
on Moving Day!!!


The following are just a few DIY safe moving tips....

  • The movers should always wear good waterproof shoes with firm slip resistant soles.
  • Make sure that the move path is clear and well lighted before carrying a load.
  • If possible, know where to set the load down before you even lift the load up.
  • Everyone watch for and signal others of uneven surfaces which could cause tripping and / or stumbling or could cause a load to dump from a dolly.
  • Never hurry, especially when carrying a load if you want to have a safe move. Take your time and if the load's heavy, periodically set it down and rest. You're strength will last longer with occasional rests.
  • When carrying large furniture using 2-3-4 men be sure you can hear one another and that you all speak the same language. Use simple, short commands that can be yelled to one another when visibility is restricted like pick and set and go and stop and backup!
  • Organize the work area to eliminate unnecessary redundant lifting or moving.
  • If walking over snow or ice or water or over a padded glossy hardwood floor take extra care to stay balanced and to not slip.
  • Be very careful getting in or out of the the truck cab to not slip and fall.
  • If using a ramp on the truck make sure that it is secured so it won't slip off when someone is walking on it.
  • Package all flat glass in taped pads and or cardboard boxes so that if it breaks the shattered glass is contained and no one gets hurt from it. Dispose of all of it as is. Don't try to save the pad because it will always have glass shards in it that could injure someone.
  • As you do the move and encounter unsafe situations try to think of your own safe moving methods to get you thru the problems. Don't take chances at all!

Remember, we cannot emphasize it enough;

Mover Safety is absolutely the most important consideration when moving yourself!!!


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