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A roll of soft ties
A roll of soft ties and a roll of tape.
A roll of soft ties - gentle strapping used for tying off your furniture on
the truck.
A roll of soft ties vs. a roll of rope - notice the difference in width. Rope digs into furniture when tying it off
on the truck, gouging it
(soft ties don't).

A Locking Piano Belt.
A Humpstrap
A locking Piano Belt
A Humpstrap - again notice its width which is even more gentle on household goods
than rope or belting
when using it to carry
boxed goods or furnishings.
The top of a four-wheel piano dolly
The bottom of a four-wheel piano dolly.
A 4 Wheel Piano Dolly - Top View
A 4 Wheel Piano Dolly - Bottom View

Piano Skid Boards

5' and 6' Piano Skid Boards - primarily used for placement on the long side of a grand piano to protect it from scuffing damage when it is being carried or dollied.

The Use of this Moving Equipment

Above are pictures of the practical use of a grand piano skid board, padding, belting and a piano dolly to transport a grand piano.

Above is a picture of the practical use of the humpstrap and the piano dolly to carry a small upright piano down stairs.

Above are pictures of a small upright piano standing
(properly belted) on its side upon a piano dolly.
Notice how the locking piano belt is tightly strapped
and knotted on the back side of the piano.


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