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ON MOVING DAY - your move must get done no matter what - RIGHT?

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  • Soy-tenly!

ON THAT HIGH STRESS DAY - the gun is to the head (so to speak) - ISN'T IT?

  • Important!
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  • It sure is!

And to you - the moving task appears to be merely a no-brainer - DOESN'T IT?

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  • Yep.

You think - it's a strength and muscle kind of thing that any dummy can do - ISN'T IT?

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  • Yep.

And most everyone - would agree with you about that - WOULDN'T THEY?

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  • Yep.

But what actually happens
to most of those strong, dumb, dodo,
do it yourself movers
on move day?

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  • ???

This seemingly simple, no-brainer that everyone agrees any dummy should be able to do - unexpectedly and rapidly turns into a seemingly endless, escalating moving day nightmare!


Simply because of inexperience or poor moving advice (or no advice at all) about exactly what to expect during your do it yourself furniture moving!

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  • Really?

The average person just does not know how to correctly and efficiently conduct most aspects of household goods moving. They don't know how to move furniture in such a manner that things are not damaged or stolen and so that moving problems personal injuries are avoided!

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  • Ouch!

So they are sure to encounter the unexpected grief, aggravation, wasted time and extra expense of ....




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  • Yeeeeeeeck!

The following things have actually occurred to well-intentioned but uninformed people who were just trying to save a few bucks....

  • A very severe injury
  • to a friend or relative helping with the move,
    resulting in a long lasting physical debilitation
    which brings severe emotional and financial consequences (like maybe even a lawsuit)!
  • Sad Face
  • That's heavy!
  • Irreparable damages
  • to a highly valued antique or a favorite piece of furniture.
  • Sad Face
  • Damn!
  • Extra difficult back-breaking work
  • because there weren't enough helpers
    and / or no furniture dollies, carrying hump straps, ramps or other moving equipment and moving supplies
    present to make things easier.
  • Sad Face
  • Aaargh!
  • Unexpected extra trips
  • brought about by insufficient rental truck cargo space.
    This was caused by either the truck selected being just not big enough for the entire load
    or because it was so poorly loaded that everything could not be fit onto it.
  • Sad Face
  • Drat!
  • A much more time consuming move
  • than anyone originally expected.
  • Sad Face
  • We didn't finish 'til midnite!
  • Loss of valuables due to theft
  • occuring because of the moving crew's inattention
    towards the vehicle or towards the goods
    temporarily set on the lawn or onto the dock.
  • Sad Face
  • Grrr!
  • Unexpected truck breakdown
  • which could have easily been avoided with a simple inspection.
  • Sad Face
  • Oh great!
  • Moving costs greatly escalated
  • far, far beyond any initial expectations
    due to a variety of these unexpected problems.
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  • We couldn't get any breaks!
  • Unanticipated weather problems
  • which wrecked the moving schedule.
  • Sad Face
  • Rats!
  • These miserable moving day nightmares all happened because of unplanned
  • complications that no one had the experience to foresee or prepare for!
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  • Grrr!

This move was a total all around bummer!
It would have been better and cheaper if we'd just hired a professional mover!

So how do you prevent a moving day nightmare from happening to you without having to lay out some Big Bucks to hire a professional moving company?

  • It's very simple!
  • You spend a mere $10.00 for a 90 day subscription to learntomove.com's teachings and moving advice and you will find out just how to avoid all of these problems.
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  • Cheap enough!

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