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DIY Furniture Moving Photos

A small entertainment center before being padded up. If moved as is, it could easily be scratched or the doors might swing open unexpectedly and break their glass. The same piece fully padded and properly cardboarded to protect it and its glass doors during the moving process.
A very nice, glass door china cabinet before being padded up for moving. The same china cabinet almost fully padded for protection during moving. Notice that the snugly taped pads hold the drawers in and keep the door from popping open during moving.
The same china cabinet now padded top and bottom and cardboarded for added glass protection during moving. Isn't this the same way you would want your nice furniture prepared for your move? A china cabinet with glass doors and glass sides fully padded and cardboarded for protection during moving.
A huge, beautiful, very expensive china cabinet ready to be moved. The same china cabinet fully padded top and bottom, front, back and sides for protection (back view).
Here we are fully cardboarding the china cabinet's glass (over all of its padding) for extra protection. Here, because of its great size, we are double dollying this china cabinet to move it onto the truck.

Another fully padded large armoire being tipped for dollying. Notice that the bottom padding is protecting it from being chipped or scratched by the rough side walk.

A well padded furniture piece being dollied on a floor protection runner over a brand new hardwood floor.

A fully padded and well cardboarded glass door hi-boy that's ready to be hoisted. Notice the extra cardboarding on its side to absorb scuffing as it's about to be pulled up the ladder and into the window.

A curio fully padded and its glass front cardboarded for protection during moving.
Two men properly carrying a large, well padded furniture piece up stairs. If you look very closely you'll see that the top man is carrying the piece with a long humpstrap wrapped under it. Those same two men have switched positions for the carry up to the top floor. The switch gives them a little break between floors and balances their energy expenditure so that neither man gets overly tired from one position.

A medium sized desk before being padded for protection during the moving process. The same desk being properly and completely padded top to bottom for full protection during moving.
This table top padding will prevent scratches from occurring during moving. The top could be cardboarded to further protect it and the base could also be padded. This dissassembled table has only been padded on its top. The underside doesn't really need padding protection. But the top could also be cardboarded for further protection
small padded table
A well padded small table - front view. Again, the top could be cardboarded for extra protection The same well padded small table - side view.
A mover should carry a small table on either shoulder - not in front of him which would obstruct his vision. A fully padded table can be set down in pretty much any manner without scratching it, not just on its feet. This makes the mover's task easier.
This bookcase is being carried without pads because it's not very valuable but it's susceptible to scratches or a dirty bottom if it's set down upon the ground. This twin box spring is padded on it's bottom so that it can be set down onto the ground without dirtying it. This is the least it should be padded but the other end and its middle could also be padded.
This sofabed has been fully padded. Prepared in this fashion it can be slid easily across this beautiful new hardwood floor without damaging or dirtying the hidabed or damaging the floor. A half a truck load of padded and properly stacked furnishings tied off in a tier so as not to slip around and get damaged as the truck is being driven to the moving destination.
A side view of a well padded and cardboarded huge 36" TV on a 4 wheel dolly. Its tightly taped padding won't slip when it has to be carried by 2 men. A back view of this same large TV with it's remote channel changer taped to it. On moving day it could also be boxed up with other remotes.
A large plastic bin secured in plastic wrap so that the top won't come loose during moving. Plastic wrap's inherent sticking power is nice because it leaves no residue as does packers tape. A 2 drawer file cabinet also fully secured with plastic wrap so that the drawers won't slide open during the moving process.

A well wrapped chair being free style carried up a flight of winding stairs.

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