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Considerations for Moving the Elderly


It can be very traumatic when moving elderly people who are still mentally competent. Many times they've lived in the same residence for years and years and they have a settled, comfortable routine there. Moving disrupts all of that. Also, they may not be able to be as close to old friends when they are moving to a new residence, so this too can be upsetting.

If you are moving them and you want to avoid having a nightmare moving day; try to do their packing or get them to do it themselves a little at a time well in advance of the move date. This gives them time to sort through all of their things and reminisce about them before packing or disposing of them. Giving them plenty of time to pack up also helps them to get used to the idea of being relocated. Besides, older folk are usually not strong enough to do all of their packing quickly, so they need plenty of extra time to get the packing done.

Some elderly people, though mentally quite competent, are no longer capable of caring for themselves or of cleaning their residence. These folk will need cleaning help, packing help and unpacking help as well as moving help. For these folks, sometimes its best to just take them out to lunch while everything's being done for them at their old residence so that they don't get overly excited or upset with all the moving activity that will be going on. Then, after a long lunch, you might take them to the new residence as things are being delivered so that they can oversee where things will be placed and so that they can be reassured that everything's arrived safely.


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