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Moving the Elderly - Moving with Pets

Considerations for Moving with Children


Depending upon their age, children need to be prepared in advance for the moving challenge. Infants, of course, are better off being cared for away from the origin and destination residences until the move is complete. It's best to keep them away from all of the turmoil of moving until the new residence has been made ready for them. Their need for much care and attention can be extremely diverting from the focus of moving. So when moving, parents should to plan well in advance for a separate place for their infant to stay on move day.

However if (due to circumstances) infants must be present during the move - try to have a portable playpen handy and something in which to hold their diapers, bottles, clothes, toys, etc. If the weather is cold or hot on move day have appropriate clothing or blankets handy because sudden temperature changes due to opening and shutting doors can occur in the residence during moving. If the infant is able to crawl or walk, have toys for them in the playpen because this is where they should be when not being held. This way, they won't get underfoot and accidentally get hurt. Also people exerting themselves doing the moving can become irritated by a fussy child so try to keep the children occupied and quiet as much as possible.

Beyond the infant stage , walking and talking children are also better off away from the moving activities for the same reasons. But, if they can not be somewhere else, try (if possible) to have another responsible adult present to pay attention to them and respond to their needs while you are involved in the moving activity. Walking and talking infants can be severely injured if something falls on them or if they crawl on top of something or into something and it collapses.

Pre-teens and Teenagers can be a big help during moving. They can be very helpful carrying lightweight boxes or small furnishings to and from the truck. They should not carry pictures, lamps, shades or other light fragile things since they tend to play around a bit during their attempts to help and they're liable to break them.

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