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You can find various bins and cabinets at hardware stores. Schaefer Systems International bins and filing cabinets are reliable and high quality.


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This 5 picture sequence shows a packer packing plates using disposable paper or styrofoam plates as spacers

Stack a plate, then a paper plate, a plate , a paper plate, etc.

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Finish with a paper or styrofoam plate on the top and on the bottom of a 6 to 8 plate stack.

Then roll the stack up into a neat paper bundle and tape it.

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You might even want to label each stack before you box it.

When moving fragile items, plastic containers can be used to hold and protect fragile items, as shown above. After filling it with fragiles this item could also be paper wrapped for further fragile item protection. Then box it.

3 8

Wrap glasses individually in 1 or 2 pieces of paper or bubble wrap glasses.

Once individually wrapped, glasses should then be neatly stacked in an upright position in a box as shown above. Stacking in an upright position takes advantage of glass strength.

4 6

Bubble wrapped knick knacks are here stacked neatly in a box. But no heavier items should be put with light things or breakage can occur within the box.

Above is a bubble wrapped lamp base in a box ready for other wrapped, small, light filler items to be added.

1 9

A cushion can make a good lining for the bottom of a box of fragiles.

After filling up a box with wrapped items put additional crushed paper on top of everything and maybe also a piece or two of cardboard and then tape it all tightly shut.

17 5

Neatly tape seal each box. Never fold flaps into one another without tape.

Label all boxes on a couple of sides for easy identification.

7 2

Lamp shades should always be individually boxed in a clean box and then marked as being very fragile.

Above is an example of a fragile marked and taped box.


Big pictures should be individually wrapped in bubble wrap and then boxed up.
Fully mark fragile items boxes for full protection.


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