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Piano Moving Warnings of Dangers



Because of the risks of piano moving, if you're going to have to move your piano over 4 low consecutive low steps at any given point in the move path from the origin address to the destination address including inside steps - our first advice to you, the amateur piano mover wannabee is -







Piano moving risk is huge when traversing more than 4 consecutive low steps because then you have to actually carry the piano, not just tip and ease it up or down! The danger and the risk of piano moving is so high that doing it could lead you right to the undertaker!


So Instead - Please just pay a qualified professional piano mover to do it for you!


But if you will not be traversing over 4 consecutive low steps in your entire move path and / or if you still want to further investigate how to move your piano yourself, then read on.

First of all, before we will offer you a subscription to our piano moving instruction on how to move a piano traversing over 4 consecutive low steps up or down at any given point in the move path -


We will try to completely discourage you from
attempting such risky piano moving!!!


We feel that it is our responsibility, in consideration of your personal safety, to first make every attempt to warn you of the many piano moving risks involved in do it yourself piano moving.

We are giving you these warnings because we're certain that you, as amateurs seeking the high calling and the glory of becoming a piano mover(?), do not fully realize the dangers to which you are about to become exposed!


So, we're going to spend the next 3 pages
giving you a FREE in-depth cautions (with pertinent pics)
about many of the risks involved in self moving a piano
over 4 consecutive low steps up or down,
at any given point in the move path.


Then, after being made aware of all of these dangers, if you're still committed to moving your own piano you may give us a disclaimer and then go ahead and subscribe. We will then give you plenty of great piano moving tips complete with many, many pertinent pictures.

Consequently, we ask you to carefully and completely read everything on the rest of this page and the warnings on the next 2 pages as well. Also continue on to read the 4th page which discusses professional piano moving costs and piano moving equipment costs. Please don't skim by any of it! These warnings cover all of the necessary piano moving safety and cost issues in order for you to make an informed, intelligent decision on this important matter.

Then, having learned that piano moving is risky, if you still desire to move your own piano, this internet piano moving guide will teach you the piano moving techniques that you will want and need to know to accomplish your piano move successfully.

First, please start off by observing the picture below very carefully!

Can you see yourself here?

Then imagine putting yourself into the same position as any one of these 3 movers as they are starting to carry 800 heavy-ass lbs. of big upright piano down these stairs!!

Just look at it! When you first put yourself underneath a sizable piano like this one, which is positioned at the top of a long stairway, it will look to you like the Sears Tower!

Then, when you actually start to carry it, you'll think you're lifting the Sears Tower!

Next, imagine that once you do get started carrying it, the weight of this monster piano begins to overwhelm any one of you and it starts to wobble around over you as you're each desperately trying to steady it or set it down onto a step to regain control of it!

Then, supposing that it in the midst of your desperate efforts to regain control of it, it suddenly gets away from one of you completely!

Those of you on the bottom would have to frantically try to leap out of the way in order to avoid personal injury. Then, even if both bottom people do somehow miraculously escape injury, the piano and the stairway and the railing are still going to end up being severely damaged.

What a horrible nightmare scenario that can occur when you're just trying to save a few bucks!


Are you absolutely certain
that this task would not be better left to those trained to do it,
even if they charge you a few hundred dollars?


Normally, do it yourself piano moving involves a high degree of risk of injury to the crew and / or damage to the piano / property versus a very small potential for money savings compared to having a professional do it for you.


We strongly recommend against do it yourself piano moving over 4 consecutive low steps in the move path
because pianos are heavy
and extremely difficult to balance and carry.


If your movers are not constantly diligent to use proper technique every step of the way, it's very easy to have any size piano suddenly get away from them with a resulting nightmare moving day catastrophe!

Next, please carefully observe the picture below.

Imagine yourself here!

Notice the intensity of the strain upon the faces of these 2 skilled piano movers as they carry this piano down the stairs (which is a heck of a lot easier than carrying it up them)! The top man is working hard to hold the piano back (with his strap under the piano) so that its weight is not totally upon the two bottom men (one is unseen but straining just as intensely on the other side of the piano). The 2 bottom men are working together to keep the piano in balance between themselves and the top man as they carry it down the stairs.



Do you, as amateurs, really want to take the risk that these 3 highly experienced professionals are taking here?


We here at Burrows Moving Company are called upon periodically by other moving companies in the Chicagoland area to send our top piano moving professionals to bail them out because they're on a job with piano moving problems that even they can't handle. Please take note; these other movers that we are helping are big city movers who are highly experienced, skilled, professional furniture movers!


So if even highly skilled movers
can get in over their heads
in some piano moving situations,
what about the poor unskilled do it yourselfer -
like yourself?


If you don't entirely agree with us about the extent of the risk involved and you go on to further search the internet to seek advice from other piano movers, you will find that they'll all concur with us. Why? Just to get you to spend your money on their services? Maybe? To some degree greed might be involved in their advice to you, but we prefer to believe that they (as we) are more interested in people's welfare. All piano movers know from their personal experience (as we do), the inherent risks and dangers of piano moving.

If we haven't yet talked you out of this and you're still interested in finding out more about do-it-yourself piano moving, then please proceed to

Piano Warnings Page 2

Piano Warnings Page 3

Piano Equipment Costs



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