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Shipping by Common Carrier


When shipping goods via a common carrier such as UPS, Fedex, DHL, or the U.S. Postal Service the rule of thumb is to overpack whatever is being sent! We teach you how-to-pack household goods and / or artwork normally in our members section. Then, for common carrier shipping, we suggest that you increase each items protective wrap or padding, use heavy duty boxes and maybe even double box whatever it is that you will be shipping.

You must always bear in mind as you are packing for shipping that....

Most Common Carriers do not carefully handle things!!!

So if you are packing for shipment by common carrier, pack each item as though it will be drop-kicked because it might get that kind of treatment from the people at these companies (who don't have any incentive to really care about your goods)!

You might even want to go ahead and pay a higher shipping charge to use an overland long distance shipper such as Navis Pack and Ship for much more careful handling. This company rarely has a damage because they have well trained people who are given incentives to ship fragiles without damage. They carefully pack your things into cardboard boxes or wooden crates and then palletize them to truck ship them insured (that is if you pay them to unpack the shipped goods at their destination).



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