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Preparing to Move a Sleeper Sofa


Securing for Moving the Bed Mechanism in a
Sleeper Sofa / Sofabed / Hide-a-Bed


The 2 pictures below are examples of the preparation for moving a sleeper sofa (also called a hideabed or sofabed). They show the tie off necessary between the bed mechanism and the sofa-bed's front kick-board to prevent the bed from unexpectedly springing out as it's being moved. This little moving tip can save you from incurring a very severe and potentially very costly moving injury!

Therefore, of all the steps in moving a sofabed, this one is extremely important! What can happen if this tie off is not done is that a large, heavy, impossible to control object can suddenly leap out of at you while you're in the midst of moving a hideabed! This can and has caused serious injury to movers and / or damage to the hideabed and / or property damage to walls, floors, railings!

The bed spring unit is tied to the front board of the sofa

To tie down the bed portion of your hide-a-bed, you will need a 6 to 8 foot long length of strong strapping (or rope or twine but strapping is prefered) or you can also use movers tape. Make sure that you tie it around both the flat kick-board in front of the sofa-bed as well as the top of the spring bed mechanism in front just just as is shown being done in the picture above.

Tie it securely by tightly double or triple knotting it.
Be sure to test that it is completely secured by trying to pull out the bed section against this restraint
before you attempt to move your sleeper sofa.

If you use tape to restrain the bed mechanism - you'll need 2 layers of it in order to make a tape strap that will be strong enough to hold the bed and at the same time not get tape residue all over it. You make the strap by pulling out a 6 to 8 foot length of tape and then make 2-3 passes back upon itself with more tape, sticky side down. As you reverse wind the tape you weld the sticky sides together and you twist it and wrap it so that no stickum is exposed when you're done. This way you're creating a multi-layered strong tape strap with no exposed stickum to get onto the hidabed or onto the movers hands when they move it. Then, when you are done moving it, just cut the tape off.

Now your sleeper sofa is ready to be blanket wrapped prior to moving just as is done when moving a couch. The further instruction of how-to-move a sofabed will be made available to you upon becoming a member.


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