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This mover's guide website has been developed by the moving professionals at Burrows Moving Company in Chicago. It is an Encyclopedia of Moving designed to teach people all over the world how-to-pack and how-to-move furniture and all other household goods. It is a compilation of many, many great moving tips and packing tips to help those people who will be doing do-it-yourself moving.

We feel that all of this relocation information is best provided to the general public thru an internet subscription website rather than in book form (although it is printable on your computer printer). Our reasons for this decision are - first of all; you can easily share all of this information with all of your helpers by giving them your user ID and Password so that they can peruse learntomove.com on their own home or office computer when it is convenient for them to do so. And second; we are using all of the subscription fees to pay to constantly improve the site's content so that you always have acces to the latest revisions and additions, which you would not have if it were to be provided to you in book form.

We want to know what you think about all of our moving, packing, storage and trucking instruction. Is it edifying? Are there enough photos? Is it thorough enough? Does it make for easy-learning about the specific things that you need to know about properly relocating household goods? Because DIY household goods moving is such a huge subject, we may have overlooked some moving hints or moving advice. So we are hoping to hear from you about the completeness of our content or with your suggested edits. So, after you've perused the site and done your move accordingly, please send us your critique (positive or negative) on any of the things that you were taught here. Any negatives whatsoever reported to us will entitle you to a full refund of your subscription fee!



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