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Residential Relocation.


Proper Truck Load Tie-Offs


Some free moving tips from truck rental companies or from moving tip portions of websites about how-to relocate a residence are not very well-conceived because they are written by people without professional moving experience. One prevalent tip found in many places is that when loading a moving truck you should rope off each tier (?) so that it doesn't fall apart during trucking and damage some of your goods.

Tying off each tier is a very good idea because it keeps the load from shifting while the truck is moving. However, you do not want to tie it off with ROPE as they suggest!

Rope or twine are easily attainable but when they're used to tie off loads on the moving truck they will dig into boxes, wood or even thin metal things and possibly damage them. Better is to not use rope at all, but to instead tie off each tier with STRAPPING!

If your truck has e-track on the walls we recommend using cargo clip belts for strapping if they're available . If they are not available then use cotton strapping which is about 2 " wide. In the moving industry this strapping is called soft ties (a roll of soft ties is pictured on the right next to a roll of skinny rope).

Soft tie strapping is better than harsh rope because it does just what it is called, it firmly but softly can tie off and hold things in place without digging into them and gouging them nearly as much as rope does.

Some local moving companies stock soft ties so call one of them in your area to obtain it. If none is conveniently available to you then contact us by e-mail at sales@learntomove.com if you have enough time. For just $25.00 (shipping and handling included) we will immediately send you the fifty-foot roll shown above on the left in the picture. This can be easily cut into any length necessary to tie off the load in the truck.

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