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How-to Move Household Items
Topics of Instruction


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  • How-to-pack household items properly in the correct sized boxes for their bulk and weight.
  • How to tape blankets snugly around various furniture pieces to fully protection them during moving.
  • How to safely lift and carry or mount onto a dolly, roll and dismount each type of furnishing and major appliance while avoiding personal injury and / or damages to it or the surfaces in the move path.
  • How to pack and how to move household items of value such as paintings and other artwork including statuary.
  • How-to relocate furniture and all other kinds of household goods successfully without personal injuries, or damages to furnishings and without damaging real estate property.
  • How to select the right sized rental moving truck for your move and how to safely load, drive and unload it.
  • How to find the right moving equipment by which to make your job easier on moving day.
  • How-to store household goods avoiding dust / water / mold / mildew / heat / cold / bug / rodent damages.
  • How-to-move in an efficient and timely fashion - thus meeting your moving deadlines.
  • How-to-move and how-to-store a piano or organ. Also when not to attempt to do so.
  • Moving tips for out-of-state moving.
  • Local moving and packing tips.
  • Trucking advice for good and bad weather driving.

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