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Upright Piano Moving Photos


The very best DIY upright piano moving tips that you can find can all be packed into a few good photos
of an upright piano being moved by professionals such as the photos shown below.

A dolly 'welded' to a small upright piano (by the top man's use of a humpstrap and the bottom men both holding the dolly up to it) so that the piano can be lowered right down these steps and placed onto the sidewalk still on the dolly. Notice that by utilizing the humpstrap, the top man is standing absolutely upright, not all bent over killing himself and he's using only his legs to carry the piano. He's also positioned so that he can carefully sight the placement of his foot on the step and he's taking adequate time to do so with the carrying help of the two bottom men.
A bottom view of a small upright piano
mounted upon a 4 wheel piano dolly
on its side.


This small upright piano is on its feet on the dolly as it is being pulled up onto this porch. Without damaging them, upright pianos can be mounted on either side or on their feet or sometimes even placed on pads on their backside in a van or a pickup for short runs at low speed. A frontview of an upright on its side balanced on a dolly. Notice that no one has to hold it because it is perfectly balanced with the dolly placed in the exact center of its 350# weight.
A 4 wheel dolly not only transports a piano but it also protects it from scuffing as is shown above on this 1 step tip off of the ramp and up onto the porch. Here's piano dolly transport and bottom protection shown as it is tipped up and over this concrete curb.
Here's a good view of 3 men carrying a big upright piano down a flight of stairs. This piano looks like the Sears tower to them and they'll tell you that it feels just about as heavy! When actually carrying a piano the 2 bottom men have to get their arms under it to grip the dolly that is lashed to it with a piano belt. Then they have to put their shoulders into the task and coordinate so as not to lose their balance and drop the piano. This piano moving equipment simplifies this hard job considerably.
Notice the intense concentration on the faces of these two piano movers as they carry this piano down the stairs. Once down the stairs it is taken over the stoop and carried down the last few outside steps.
Voila! Another successful piano carry! Now the piano on a dolly is being easily transported on the sidewalk and it's ready to be dollied up onto a truck.

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